Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Among friends misunderstandings are common and me and Comrade George Fernandes were no exception. On the day then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee arrived at Pondicherry to lay the foundation for New Assembly Complex in the Port area, which is now used as Parking Lot, a call from Defence Minister. His PS Asoka Subramanian spoke and told me that George Saab wants to speak to me. George came online. He said I am thinking of putting you as Trustee of Tutucurin Port Trust, what do you say. I said if it is useful for people I am ready to accept.  In the National Agenda of Governance which George Fernandes drafted as Convener of NDA, he had included Interlinking of Rivers and Sedhu Samudram Project suggested by me. That is why he offered me Tutucurin Port Trust Trustee post since that Port will be the nodal agency for Sedhu Samudram Shipping Canal.

I served to my best of my ability and even a free website was created to mention my contribution. But now in National Archives all the Minutes of Board Meetings during my trusteeship period is available for historians.
George Fernandes attended the Photo unveiling ceremony of Socialist Leader of Madurantakam, who then passed away. In that meeting I was in front row. I found in his speech George Fernandes was slightly criticising me. I used to have colourful visiting cards. After function in Pondicherry I sent an email to George Fernandes saying I am hurt by his comments. Within few hours he not only replied by email but sent me the following mail to clear the misunderstanding.

The last line in this letter hints that an opening at National level would be found for me. It was the Governorship of Manipur. I showed this letter to my house owner , whose loose talk within his spiritual business empire reached the key villains who through an Auditor of Chennai ensured that I did not get that post. It is hidden history.