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Indian commoner is not aware of petrol prices in other countries. Out of data available for 157 countries, those countries which produce petrol grouped under Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries have the lowest price. These countries have huge reserves so petrol is cheaper there. In Indian Rupee, the price of per litre petrol in Venezuela would be Rs.1.14. Iran sells to people at Rs.4.8 per litre.
Even in USA the price of petrol per litre is Rs 42.82 only even after taxes. Even a simple comparison of retail prices in different countries by converting them to Indian Rupee reveals in India petrol is more expensive than 98 countries.
The price in dollars as on January 2011 from the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit [GIZ], IMF, BPCL is as follows: China sells petrol at $ 1.95 and diesel at $ 1.83 whereas India sold petrol at $3.95 and diesel at $ 2.46. UK sold petrol for $ 1.85 and diesel for $ 1.91. Brazil sold petrol for $ 1.70 and diesel for $ 1.23. Japan sold petrol for $ 1.28 and diesel for $ 1.09.Russia sold petrol for $ 1.26 and diesel for $ 1.08. USA sold petrol for $ 0.76 and diesel for $ 0.84 .All these were in January 2011. Saudi Arabia sold petrol at $ 0.23 dollars and diesel at $ 0.10 dollars. Venezuela sold at $ 0.03 and diesel at $ 0.01.
The great economist Manmohan Singh squeezes the people with hiking petrol/diesel prices now and then. He shirks his responsibility. He throws the governance to winds by saying it is for Oil companies to decide hike. Former Bangla Congress Minister currently INC Minister in UPA Pranab Mukerjee shifts responsibility on states to reduce taxes.
Comptroller and Auditor General of India found fault with Government of India for allowing Reliance Industries Limited to inflate its capital expenditure claims for the D6 field in Krishna-Godavari Basin. By hiking capital expenditure RIL ensured that Government’s share in production of gas gets reduced. Who benefited, why government should loose revenue and fatten profits of RIL, the UPA government won’t open the skeletons hidden in its cupboard. As the Stolen Property Recovery Initiative of World Bank indicates in India only Former Congress Minister Sukhram had stolen country’s wealth, and no one else. In India as media reports say only A.Raja looted nation’s wealth and Mr.Murli Deora is Mr.Clean.
There is a condition in the contract with Government. The fields where no oil discoveries were made should be surrendered to the Government. RIL did not surrender. Dravida Peravai urges Government of India to redeem those fields and give them on life-term lease to all the fishing villages of Godavari-Krishna coast including Yenam fishermen. Let them have rights over fields in seas as farmers have rights over land in seas.
As per CAG, the Oil Ministry allowed Cairn India to expand the contract area by 1600 square kilo meters. In land you acquire the land of farmers but in seas you allow SEA_GRAB for 1600 square kilometers, Mr.Prime Minister, step down, Let atleast Rahul Gandhi try governance anf falter in his steps. You pretend to be a saint, but your actions are satanic.
N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai
States too tax poor consumer ...

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